The Resolution To Censure AZ State Senator Paul Boyer Was Passed Unanimously

Paul Boyer, AZ State Senator – Censured Unanimously

In a long list, that can be seen here, of all the resultions they passed with the censure of the Senator, they ended it by saying:

Be it further Resolved, until Paul Boyer motions the Arizona State Senate to re-vote in support of contempt resolution SR1005, We the Republican Committee of LD20 will not support, campaign, donate or vote for Arizona State Senator Paul Boyer……

LD20 Republican Committee, Feb 8th, Censure of Senator Paul Boyer

It is just another feather on the camels back for many who feel they have no voice in the country anymore despite being large in number.

So what really comes of this? Is it really any more than a strongly worded letter of disapproval and finger pointing? We can’t really say. It sounds like it’s a bit more by withholding GOP funds and help, but beyond that, we shall see. We at ThePatriotSignal aren’t holding our breath.

Luckily, it does appear that the AZ Senators aren’t messing around this time. They want the audit done as their constituents are requesting and have already done a lot and fought pretty hard for it. We can only hope that they don’t quit now. If they do, then it was all just political theater with a classic fall guy who will be given a golden parachute.

So what DOES happen next? The answer is, we aren’t sure. What we don’t really understand (as we are just normal people) is why the resolution to be able to arrest the Board of Supervisors who broke the law was necessary in order to move forward with the audit in the first place. They already have the subpoena to do the audit. As such, why can’t they just go in and seize what they need?

To add more to the story, Christian Lamar, who introduced the resolution, wrote in the tweet comments:

It starts here, there is more coming.

This is state politics. Democrats don’t want us to censure. They want every Weak R to stay in power. Ask yourself why is that? Why would Democrats be so obsessed with what Republicans do inside our state party. A censure puts Boyer in the Cheney, Romney category. More to come.

The point of the censure is to send a message that we will not tolerate playing nice with Dems while they steal elections. We will remove every weak R we can. Dems don’t want that, they want these weak Rs to stay. All the more reason to start the process now

Christian Lamar, Twitter

Paul Boyer should immediately resign. He was censured by not just his peers in congress, but the people who elected him. They want him gone. He is a public figure representing them. There is no reason to stay in the position. His figure as a politician should be over from this point forward.

In Boyer’s defense, he was claimed to have voted against holding the Board in contempt because he feels there is still time for them to voluntarily do the right thing. That opinion seems to only be held by one person, Boyer himself. AZ Legislature has been fighting since mid December to retrieve the ballots and voting machines from the Board of Supervisors in order to perform an audit. They already made the request, got rejected, and acquired a subpoena only to be given the figurative finger by the Board.

So really Paul, our question is how much time is enough time to do the right thing?

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