The Two Tiered Justice System

One, a high school aged girls is going to be tried as an adult for rigging her homecoming election. Two, the two teen girls who tried car jacking a 66 year-old Uber Driver that resulted in his death reached a plea deal that allows them to receive no prison time at all.

We don’t condone either of these crimes. We all know that we take rigging elections seriously, and murder is murder. However, both of these relate to larger political issues.

The girl who rigged her school homecoming election maybe saw what she believed to be rampant rigging of political elections with no consequences for anyone. The two girls who caused the death of their Uber driver are living in an age where no consequences for doing evil acts exists so long as you do it in the name of race or BLM.

How in the world a plea deal was struck that allows those two girls to avoid prison time is beyond us. The man they killed had a family that will never see him again. Yet these two girls get to go free. That doesn’t sound like justice.

The girl who rigged the school voting is mainly getting in trouble for accessing the school’s database illegally via her mother’s access who is a school official. The mother in this case is also in trouble. The girls who got the murder plea deal tried car jacking the Uber Driver who tried to stop the girls as the car sped off and crashed resulting in his death.

Is this about race? Or is this a DC vs Florida thing where one enforces rules, laws, and order while the other plays by flavor of the week politics? What’s the rational behind these?

What are your thoughts? Does rigging a homecoming vote cause more harm than a carjacking and murder in today’s America?

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1 year ago

Rigging a Homecoming vote is now a crime? I agree that it is wrong and there should be consequences but not a crime. Either let the runner-up win the title or have another election or if there were previous policies in place to deal with cheating then follow the rules. As far as the two teenagers who killed the Uber driver, it is hard to come to a fair conclusion not knowing all of the details of that incident. The laws tend to protect minors from being tried as adults so I am not sure what you’re saying is true or fair. It would seem some kind of consequences would be implemented but to blatantly blame race or flavor of the week isn’t giving anyone a positive insight to the solution or punishment that might be implemented. You’re just airing your frustrations and stirring discontent. That needs to stop.

Reply to  olcoach09
1 year ago

Thanks for the insight. We’ve completely removed the race of all individuals from the post. We agree that race shouldn’t matter. We did keep the question on if race is the factor in differences here as that is one of the points of the article, not that we are claiming it is.

Thanks for speaking out! Love the opinions you give

1 year ago

This is an outrage that the girls who KILLED the uber driver do not

1 year ago

I think rigging a high school vote is funny and will be a memorable laugh in the years ahead. No one was hurt. The two girls on the other hand, car jacked the mans car. What does no jail time say to other would be offenders? I followed this story in the beginning and the one girl seemed more concerned about her phone than killing the family man. Of course their all years now? When you kill someone in the act of a crime, you do time – I don’t care how old you are.

Bruce Hirstius
Reply to  Patriot
1 year ago