The Unfortunate Truth about the US Education System


This meme demonstrates the unfortunate truth of what the education system has become. A user submitted this experience about their recent interaction with a long time friend:

“The daughter of my long-time friend just went to visit the doctor for some issues she was having with her knee. Before even addressing her daughter’s knee, the doctor asked about her COVID vaccination status. Her daughter responded kindly that she hasn’t yet had the vaccine and hinted that she wasn’t sure she needed it. To be clear her, she wasn’t opposed to it, but being in her mid 20’s she felt as if there was no real need to be vaccinated at this point. Especially with all the reports of fertility and blood clot issues with women circulating around.

The doctor immediately jumped into attack mode and started pressuring her to sign up to get vaccinated. Like I said before, her daughter isn’t opposed to the vaccine, but simply wanted to make sure it would medically be the right decision. The doctor ignored the girl’s concerns and instead he gave a swift scolding to my friend that he knew what he was talking about because he’s a doctor and continued pressuring her to get vaccinated. Doing so made it evident that this Doctor didn’t know anything about the vaccine and wanted this poor young girl to believe him since he was a “medical professional.” She has been traumatized by the experience.

A Readers Recent Experience

Not every doctor or medical professional falls under this umbrella of brainwashed medical robots who repeat to us to ‘Trust the Science.’ In fact, some highly respected doctors and scientists in the medical field support the vaccine and still prefer not to get it. Ultimately that should be our choice on whether or not we choose to get the vaccine. After all, how can we ‘trust the science’ when the science changes day to day with no evidence of proven studies.

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1 year ago

I went for a “wellness” check-up. The tech took blood pressure, pulse, oxygen level..asked me questions to make sure I wasn’t senile and then asked me draw a picture of what 10 minutes after 11 would look like…I passed. Then the Dr. came in…
for 20 minutes he gave me a commercial about the flu vaccine, the pneumonia vaccine, the shingles vaccine and of course the china virus vaccine.
Each time I answered him “NO!”
Then I thought he would listen to my heart and my lungs. He didn’t really ask me if I had any concerns, I mentioned my knee was bothering me, he just ignored my concern.
That was it, that was my wellness check-up…
I need to find a new Dr., but it will be the same thing every where…sad state of affairs.

1 year ago

I played soccer in a men’s league for over 30 years. Almost everyone would suffer injuries. Someone would have a broken toe, plantar, injure a knee or ankle and go to a Doctor who would suggest that they quit playing soccer. We would ALWAYS suggest that he see another doctor.