There Is Now A Vaccine For The Vaccine

You read that correctly. There is now a treatment that helps fight off the negative symptoms of the treatment for COVID-19.

Canada released this drug to counter those of the AstraZenneca vaccine. With more and more evidence of vaccinated individuals developing blood clots after being vaccinated, this new drug wards was designed to combat those effects. It is currently in testing phase.

A study was recently published on the effects of using anti-clotting drugs and large doses of immunoglobulin in the New England Journal of Medicine.

So while this isn’t a vaccine for the vaccine in the real sense of the word, it’s a treatment for after the vaccine for those who show symptoms of blood clots after the vaccine. The catch is becoming aware of the clots before they are an issue.

The good news is that they have now identified what is causing the blood clots and the type of blood clots that are occuring. The bad news is that unless you are getting tested for these specific conditions, you wont know if you have clots forming until it is too late.

For this reason, a vaccine for the vaccine is needed. Something that can prevent this from occurring in the first place.

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1 year ago

It is a Band-Aid.