They Spent How Much On The Homeless!?

Homelessness is a COSTLY problem. The only way to fix it is with more money!

At least, that seems to be the plan in San Francisco. With homeless levels on the rise, especially after last year and the current pandemic issues, San Francisco is losing it’s battle against the homeless population.

It’s getting so bad that a CBS did a poll recently and found that more than 40% of the residents in San Francisco plan on moving in the next few years due to the deteriorating quality of life caused by the massive homeless population and taxes.

In a brilliant as usual move, elected officials in San Francisco got taxes raised so they could spend more on fixing the homeless situation. With those sky high taxes, they were able to create a “safe” living area for homeless.

Six villages were set up in parking lots. The homeless are able to claim a designated spot to set up their tents in the parking lot. Also provided in the lot is washrooms and security. Three meals a day are included as well.

And the cost for this? A nice $60k per year, PER TENT. That’s right. PER TENT. At 260 tents, the city is spending just shy of $16 MILLION for 260 tents in a parking lot to accommodate the homeless.

According to statistics, it hasn’t seemed to help either. One must wonder who’s really pocketing the money as $60k a year for a tent is clearly either the most expensive tent in the world, or someone is paying 10% to the big guy *wink wink*.

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1 year ago

PLEASE do NOT come to FL unless you sign a contract not to take your liberal ways that ruined your city and state, with you. We love being RED and I don’t mean from sunburn, we wear sunscreen!!

Steve Clinton
Steve Clinton
1 year ago

It is getting ridiculous. LA is now supplying separate little rooms for the homeless to live in.

1 year ago

The idiocy of the Democratic Party could only come up with this as a solution. What loons!