TikTok Banned The Sundress Challenge As It Will Land Participants With A Lifetime On A Sex Offender Registry

Millennials had a hard time being locked up all last year. Too afraid to go out and meet others due to COVID. This caused a lot of pent up energy that is now being released due to relaxed views and government restrictions.

One way millennials are releasing this energy is the Sundress Challenge, and it’s perfectly fitting for those who have grown up with showing off on social media.

So what is the Sundress Challenge?

Users are supposed to wear a sundress and utilize the free-flowing, easy access of sundresses to have sex while wearing the Sundress in public. They also film the dirty deed and upload it to TikTok. TikTok however have banned the challenge as it promotes unlawful activity, so users are finding other places to post.

What’s unlawful about it? It is a crime of indecency and can land you a lifetime on the the sex offender registry. Many Millenials weren’t aware of that. They thought the sex offender registry was just for rapists and pedophiles. What they thought was innocent fun and a good way to get followers and likes on social media, can actually land them in jail and follow them for life.

Sure was great growing up in a time where everything we did wasn’t posted online for the world to see and always remember.

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Kim Price
Kim Price
1 year ago

all the liberal “females” will look great with their floor length dresses and cute bonnets (OH, and NO makeup) and the “males” ?? WHO KNOWS ??