Trump And Candace Owens Have Private Phone Call, Discuss A 2024 Trump/Owens Ticket

Candace Owens opened up in a recent interview about her private call with Donald Trump. She said that on the call they discussed a lot of things that she is keeping private, but did let out one thing.

The two discussed running together in 2024 with another Trump Presidency, but this time with Candace Owens as his VP. Hopefully, this would be to set Candace up as the 2028 Presidential front runner. A minority female at the forefront of the GOP, and an actual conservative with values to boot.

She isn’t affriad to let her opinion be known regardless of being politically correct or not. She stands up for those who need it and is completely unashamed of it. If, still a big if, Trump does decide to run in 2024, he will most likely win. So it is very smart for him to pick a proper VP who can balance out his ticket as well as someone who can win in 2028.

Fingers crossed!

Watch the short interview of Candace Owens talking about her call with Trump and a potential VP bid with him on the video below:

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