Trump Impeachment: Did Twitter Cause The Riot By Deleting Trumps Peaceful Tweets?

The impeachment of President Trump is currently ongoing. The basis of the impeachment is that President Trump incited a riot at the Capitol building. The lawyers in the case are utilizing doctors images and video to try and persuade that Trump incited a riot.

Perhaps, what should be looked at are President Trump’s tweets on the day of the 6th. President Trump was tweeting multiple tweets that day as he did most days. However, this day was different. Twitter completely deleted his tweets and later on his account from public view. His Tweets weren’t seen anymore. This leaves us with a couple questions including what was so bad that Twitter didn’t want the public to see, and most importantly, what effect did that have.

We have two ways of seeing those deleted tweets. We have The National Archives and we now have Gab who has gone back and reposted all of President Trump’s tweets to their own platform.

With these tools we are able to see what Trump Tweeted on the day of the riot, January 6th, 2021. A couple tweets in particular are very interesting to see and could put the spotlight on Twitter instead of President Trump.

Following these posts was a video post of President Trump to everyone asking for peace.


For someone inciting violence he seems to be instead asking for peace, but these messages were all deleted by Twitter. It stands to reason that whoever made the call to delete and ban Trump from Tweeting to the public should be held accountable for any violence, not President Trump.

The plot thickens.

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