Trump Is Getting Payback

Donald Trump will be holding a rally outside Cleveland for an endorsed Republican candidate against an incumbent Republican. Republicans are now determined to oust those incumbent Republicans who broke with party lines and voted to impeach Donald Trump during the second Impeachment trial.

United States midterm elections will be conducted in November of 2022 and right now many senators have started their campaign for the upcoming election. Meanwhile, Donald Trump and Pro-Trump Republicans are busy cleaning the party from those who have always opposed the former President in his policies and also voted to impeach him.

A total of 17 Republican senators and members of the House of Representatives voted to impeach Donald Trump in the second impeachment trial. 10 of these Representatives and one senator are up for re-election in 2022 but this time things will be different from the previous election. This time many Republicans are considering not voting for Republican candidates who opposed Donald Trump.

There are rare instances where an incumbent loses primary elections. According to a survey from Sabato’s Crystal Ball, 98% of the House incumbents were successful in winning party candidacy in the primary election. However, Trump made it clear in the Conservative Political Action Conference that he will get rid of those who defied him.

This will help the former President to tighten his grip on the Republican Party, by cleaning the party from those who do not follow in his step. If Trump succeeds in this campaign, he will get a stronghold on the GOP and will become the most favorable candidate for the next presidential race.

In Alaska, the President is expected to hold a rally in support of former United States Magistrate Judge, Joe Miller. This rally will be held to show support of Donald Trump for Miller against incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski. Murkowski is one of those Republican senators who voted to impeach Trump. There will be no Republican primary in Alaska due to the nature of the election process of the region therefore, Donald Trump is permitted to hold an informal primary election to oust Murkowski and stop her from entering the senate once ever again.

A similar situation could be seen in Ohio where the former President has endorsed a former White House Staffer, Max Miller to run against Anthony Gonzalez in Republican Primary. Representative Anthony Gonzalez is already facing a rebuke from Ohio republicans and now the former President has decided not to let him be a House Member at any cost.

South Carolina Representative, Tom Rice is facing 11 primary challengers, which is the highest number of challenges faced by pro-impeachment Republicans. 7th Congressional District of South Carolina is a Republican stronghold as it provided Trump with a 19 points margin in the presidential race. Rice also voted for Trump’s impeachment and now faces a difficult primary challenge in a Pro-Trump congressional district.Trump is hunting for the right candidates in red states to not only win a majority in the senate but to also smell out those who can become a problem for him in the next presidential race. This is not a revenge campaign, as many would think, rather it is an attempt to clean the party and also to strengthen it from within. 

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Paul Asmussen
Paul Asmussen
1 year ago

Just shot all the Antifa who attacks the citizens send them home in a body bag. It time for Americans to step up .

1 year ago

Nancy needs to be impeached. Wasting more of our money. Let Trump alone

1 year ago

Now who’s ‘abusing power’ Pelosi?!!! Your glaring hypocrisy is on display for the whole world to see.