Trump Raised More Than The RNC and DNC Combined In 2021

That’s right. In the first quarter of 2021, Donald Trump’s PAC, Save America, raised an outstanding $85 Million. The RNC and DNC collectively raised only $62 Million. That’s a full $23 Million less than Donald Trump, who currently holds no public office.

What’s even more important to note is that much of the RNC’s $44 Million in fundraising was done using Trump’s name, tricking many donors into thinking they were supporting Trump, but instead it was for the RNC. Trump called the RNC out earlier this year on their doing this and requested they stop immediately.

In last place was the most popular President and party in all of history with only $18 Million raised. Some say this is due to them raising so much to get elected and going tame afterwards, but historic figures show that’s not the case. For some reason the all powerful Biden and Harris lead DNC is unable to generate funds.

What is Trump going to do with that PAC money? There so far is a lot of speculation, but we think we’ll have a better idea in the next few months as the Arizona forensic audit takes place and other high level lawsuits come to head.

Another noteworthy chunk of money is all the corporate donations that go to largely the big business leaders in the Democratic party This money doesn’t show up for any of these PACs. This is the money from the companies and billionaires such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Soros. and Bill Gates that use their money to help democratic politicians without going to a PAC. Why would they help them you ask? Well, the same reason you put your money behind anyone, you either like them enough to be willing to part of your money to see them succeed, or you want something from them.

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1 year ago

Yes see trump. 2024. Finish the wall. Then. Bring all troops home. Stop miltary. Waste. Stop government waste. Let’s take of our people. No more ad. To forgin, countries. Balance. The budget. Ok. Build. Holding tanks for. More. Oil. Gas. Diseil. Let’s go go. Newt as your running mate