Trump Supporter Goes On Epic Rant At A Gas Station Line Waiting For Gas

Warning, the video below is NOT safe for work. It is real, raw, and very profanity laced. You have been warned.

The man in the video goes off on how he stood behind Trump on every matter because he voted for him. He owned what Trump did, good and bad. He asks where all the Biden supporters are now? Where are they now that Jobs are vanishing, gas lines are a real thing, and life is in turmoil now. Where are all the Biden supporters owning what they have done. Were are these so called 80 million voters?

Watch the video below (LANGUAGE! WARNING)

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1 year ago

We all feel the very same way – I am 62 and never saw anyone destroy our country as fast as that man in the WH did!!!

Reply to  Christine
1 year ago

I presume you are talking about Trump? I’m 69 and Trump made Nixon look like a bastion of ethics and transparency.

Ronald Smith
1 year ago

this Country is Going Down Fast ! And It Will Only Get Worse ! Now That The democrats Have Flooded The Country Will Millions of Illegal Aliens Republicans are NOW OUT Numbered At The Polls