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Trump VS Congress and the $600 Checks

In the days before Christmas, Congress and the media took victory laps and high-fived one another on a record breaking stimulus deal. The monumental bill had massive amounts of money going to everyone… except the American people. While nonprofits like the Smithsonian, which has been closed almost all year, was billed to receive $1 billion in free money from the Government, Americans were only scheduled to get a pathetic $600.

President Trump was expected to sign the bill since Congress had a supermajority in favor of the bill. To the astonishing surprise of congress and the media, President Trump did the unthinkable. He refused to sign the bill.

They thought President Trump would be committing political suicide by dying American’s their $600. What they didn’t realize was what they have been ignoring for months now, the American people agree with President Trump.

$600 is a blow to the face for most American’s who need help. Then there are those that don’t need the immediate help but have their businesses shuttered and don’t even qualify for any money even though they have been blowing through savings all year.

So where does this leave us? The answer is simple. Congress must either do something that’ll enrage the public (ie: delay the checks for a 45-day special session that would take them over the deadline and force a new negotiation, likely meaning that new checks would be another 2-3 months from today) or they have to capitulate to Trump’s demands.

President Trump will be able to continue saying “Hey, I signed it, why are you holding it up? Just remove the stuff the American People hated and give them their money”. This is a free license to attack them over and over and ruin their trust and support of the American people.

Yet, somehow mainstream media and democrats consider this a loss for Trump.

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