Trump Will Take 2024 “Not Even Close”

Former President Donald Trump will easily win the 2024 presidential election against Joe Biden and it “won’t even be close”. That is according to political author and Newsmax host Dick Morris.

Appearing on the show this past week Morris pointed to recent polls from Rasmussen which show that 53% of voters would currently back the former president compared to 47% who would back Joe Biden.

The same poll also shows that 12% of Biden’s 2020 voters would switch to support Trump if the election were held today.

In his Newsmax segment this past week, Morris argued President Biden’s mental capacity is not going to get better over the next three years and that the recent international blunder in Afghanistan, which has led to the deaths of 13 US service personnel as well as the Taliban regaining control of the country, is not going to go away anytime soon. Morris believes a culmination of recent events, as well as the president’s regular gaffes and inevitable inflation, will significantly damage Biden’s credibility should he be on the ballot against Trump in the fall of 2024.

Morris also stated that the situation in Afghanistan will lead to more terrorism being unleashed on the world, as well as blame being directed at Biden for the appalling treatment of women by the new Taliban regime.

Biden is also coming under fire from many opponents today for seeming to check his watch during a ceremony honoring the 13 service members who lost their lives in the terror blast at Kabul Airport last week. Donald Trump Jr. blasted Biden as a “disgraceful clown” in an Instagram post while a retired Afghanistan and Iraq veteran wrote on Twitter that it looked as though the president was “inconvenienced by having to show some respect for American heroes”.

It remains unclear how damaged the president will be post-Afghanistan, but one thing for sure is that the past two weeks have only emboldened the president’s opponents who seek to capitalize on the first major international blunder in the first major international test of the Biden administration.

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1 year ago

47% who would back Joe Biden??

Laughable Fake Poll!

1 year ago

No comments EVER on this site…………….WWWW TTTT FFFFFF?

1 year ago

Newsmax is a reliable source??
SINCE WHEN?? Political expert? By whose acknowledgement other than his own? All this does is further spread disinformation and further support the “Big Lie”