UK Conservatives Look To US Conservatives as Last Hope

The US is really the last stronghold for freedom. This chap who is to remain anonymous from the UK said it best on an internet chatroom to his US counterparts.

An edited (censored) version can be seen here if slightly blurry and tilted text doesn’t work for you:

You know the funny bit about you yanks is, you know your government is correct as ****, you are all ready to go to war (or so you yap like you are), your the only ones left in the world with the military grade firepower, You out number your military 1000s to one. you are the most powerful “free” (if it still even exists) people in the world. And yet the elite manage to keep you under control because you can’t stop arguing with yourselfs about pointless ****. We really need you to get it together cuz we need you to save us.

Sincerely the rest of the ****ing world.

Anonymous letter to the Patriots of the USA

It takes someone without freedoms to sometimes see what they don’t have.

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