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Ukraine Hold Press Conference Accusing Biden Family of Stealing Millions, Evidence & Recordings

This news is not new for anyone paying attention in the past year. In fact, this new dropped a long time ago. Conveniently for Biden and the Democrats, mainstream media either completely ignored the story, barely mentioned it, are labeled it as debunked Russian anti-intelligence.

Fed up with the lack of response from The USA, Ukraine is doing all it can to shed light on this historic crime. They have released to the public the recordings of the crimes committed. The proof is there for the world to see and judge.

The video itself is now hosted in various locations including YouTube and is over 1 hour in length. See minute 29:00 for the Joe Biden recorded phone call.

Will we see this footage or any mention of it this time on mainstream media? Probably not. What will be done about this? We will see, most likely nothing. And that is the problem.

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1 year ago

why is the video gone