Unintended Results Of Drug Legalization

The thriving city centers of cities that were once urban powerhouses have completely changed. Many attribute this change to the legalization of drugs. This change is homelessness.

The homeless population in these cities is absolutely booming. Once beautiful city parks and walkways are now crowded with tent cities. Drug deals and drug use are a common sight, even in the middle of the day. Police presence is dwindling as law makers turn a blind eye to the epidemic they have created.

Nobody knows what to do. Politicians and charities keep tossing money at the problem that only seems to be growing. In 2019 Austin Texas thought legalizing homelessness what the answer to fight it. Turns out that decision cost them $73 million, or $45,000 per homeless person. What’s worse is the result of all the money spent, more homelessness. No official numbers have been released, but all locals know and attest to a massive increase in homelessness in the city.

With the increase in homelessness comes the increase in crime as well. Downtown businesses are boarding up shops as locals don’t want to frequent the area anymore. The stench of the homeless and the increase in theft, robbery, and car-jackings are all up.

Once again the fight on drugs isn’t working. The only ones winning are the politicians who get to syphon off more money for their donors in the name of fighting drugs.

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Lee Fabrizio
Lee Fabrizio
1 year ago

I don’t know if one can directly attribute homelessness to drug use. I’ve always been a proponent of legalizing drugs, then taxing and regulating it. Drug usage has been around forever and there will always be people who abuse them. Apparently the lessons of the prohibition era have not sunk in. We still have drunks killing others in their cars. By legalizing you take away the black market motive which fuels the drug wars. Organized crime got out of the liquor business and moved to the drug business after liquor was legalized. Homelessness is not caused by drugs, it is caused by liberal cities who tolerate it in the name of compassion.

James Mullen
James Mullen
1 year ago

Stupid Dems.

Eileen Redmond
1 year ago

The reason for the increase in homelessness is because the country was shut down for over a year. Now the moratorium on eviction has expired and people are being thrown out of their homes. There was absolutely no reason to shut this country down and ruin so many lives. It’s not drugs, drugs have been around forever.

Last edited 1 year ago by Eileen Redmond