Universal Income Is HERE

California is officially launching universal income. This is not a test run, this is the real deal. Americans are set to get money for just being in the state that has zero strings attached.

To make the blow easier to deal with, the California legistors approved the Universal Income for those in most need that pulls the most heart strings. Those who qualify for the universal income are young adults who aged out of the foster care system, and pregnant women.

The Sate has set aside $35M a month for this program, all money coming from tax payers. Those in the program are set to receive between $500 and $1000 a month, however, they ultimately left the final figures up to local governances to set the actual payment. It could be higher or lower than those figures above.

The question becomes what will this do to those individuals, will it create more lifelong welfare cases or decrease them? As a universal income becomes more and more accessible to more and more Americans, will inflation increase faster with the new found money being spent? What will happen to housing costs when everyone has more to spend?

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1 year ago

Marxist BS!
Money for nothing and the checks are free.

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