US Navy Sailor Gets Put On List For Asking Questions

Poor guy was just honestly trying to understand what’s going on in the world. He found out the hard way that deciding things for yourself based on facts is now considered extremist. His father tried to warn him, but he thought it was being overblown and nobody would really consider him a threat, afterall he’s serving his country. He was wrong.

He posted this into an anonymous forum after it happened looking for help and guidance at what just happened. He doesn’t know what is going to happen to him at this point and is scared.

There seems to be another group in history doing the same as what is happening now. Ask a question that is out of line, they ask for your name and “get back to you”. Next thing you know, you’re rounded up into a boxcar and taken to a “gated community” for “your own safety”.

Just imagine joining the military thinking it is so serve the country and fight for freedom. Then this happens. Talk about taking a forced red pill.

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