[VIDEO] BLM Protester Shot In Head With Rubber Bullet By Police

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It was a protest in response to the latest police shooting and killing of a Black man. Looting and riots were taking place in the typical BLM strongholds, smashing in the windows of stores like Nike & Sally’s Beauty Supply.

Here we see protesters blocking the road where police show up to stop the protest from going further. You can see the police are lined up behind their vehicles blocking the road. You can see in the video the windows are already smashed out of the police cruiser shown in the video.

One protestor decided to show his skills of evolution and strength in lifting up a large block of concrete opposite the patrol cars from the police. Naturally the police step into their calling and take down the protesters with a rubber bullet to the head to subdue the perpetrator before real damage can take place.

After taking him down the police move the line forward to protect their vehicles and start to subdue the protesters before massive violence breaks out.

Police 1 BLM 0

Keep in mind that cop’s probably going to be suspended for a week (with pay, if he’s lucky), have to undergo a full review to see if he’s racist and probably attend sensitivity training if he wants to keep his job. Heaven forbid if he posted something political on his Facebook page. Bye bye pension if so.

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