White Men Are Being Eliminated

Woke corporations are eliminated white men left and right. Multiple insiders are speaking out anonymously that their HR departments are going after white men to eliminate them completely from their companies.

HR teams are sorting our potential hires and purposefully bypassing white men and opting for minorities and women and when layoff’s happen, white males are reportedly the first to go.

This all isn’t new. This has been going on quietly for years now. Back in 2019 a story was run that Microsoft has been doing this already. Nobody batted an eye then, and nobody will now.

Just today famous Podcaster, Joe Rogan, is receiving backlash for speaking up pointing out that white men are being suppressed. MSN even picked up the story that spends their time bashing Rogan, a white man, for claiming that white men are being suppressed while he holds the largest podcast in the world. (MSN article)

Of course, the irony is strong, as these woke corporations believe that because a few white men are successful others can’t be suppressed. All the while having a black President of the United States doesn’t do anything towards racism or blacks being suppressed.

What is it going to take to rid racism once and for all in this world? This teeter-totter of suppressing one over the other is exhausting and not the way to end racism. You can’t fight racism with more racism.

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1 year ago

It’s ridiculous the democrats are like silly bored rich housewives spending their husbands money…….