Who Is The Highest-Paid Federal Government Employee? Hint – It’s Not The President

While the answer may not be a shock to many, it’s still kind of upsetting. The President and the Vice-President don’t even make as much. The Speaker of the House, or Senate majority leader also don’t make as much. The real answer is:

Anthony Fauci

That’s right, Dr. Fauci is the highest paid Government official. Out of all 4 million federal government employees, Dr Fauci clocked in as the highest-paid. In 2019, Dr. Fauci raked in a cool $417,608. The numbers for 2020 haven’t been released yet. The President only makes $400k a year putting Fauci at the top.

However we all know employees of the federal government make plenty of money outside of their government salary. Take Nancy Pelosi for example. In 2019 as Speaker of the House, Nancy earned $223,500. Pennies compared to what she has generated in her career.

How long will ‘we the people’ put up with this? Is it right, or wrong?

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