Witnesses Of That Appeared To Convict Derek Chauvin Are Raising Almost $750k For Their Own ‘Trauma Healing’ on GoFundMe

Everyone is cashing in on George Floyd’s death, except Derek Chauvin.

The majority of the funds have gone to Darnella Frazier. She was the 17-year-old who stopped and filmed the events. She alone has raised almost $700k for herself. To be clear, it was not Darnella who set up the GoFundMe for herself, but “strangers online” who set it up for her and have managed it. They made a goal of $1m for her.

The other witnesses have only been able to raise the remaining $50k between them.

It’s these staggering sums that we now see edited cell footage all over the internet of every event. Are people just wanting payouts? Or are they wanting justice? What “trauma healing” is Darnella doing that costs so much when the average pay out for life insurance is only $160k. That’s a big difference in payout, especially considering it’s loved ones and relatives usually who receive that payout to split between them in their losses, whereas Darnella didn’t even know Floyd to our knowledge.

Are we creating more problems with people expecting big payouts now to be witnesses? Will this ultimately give Derek Chauvin, and others like him, a cause for mistrial in claiming the witnesses have been compromised? It sure seems like it. It’s a dangerous precedence to set with lots of potential consequences.

It’s even worse now that actual Jurors have now gone to reporters and media to sign book deals and paid for media showings and exclusives. We assume we will know soon what Chauvin’s lawyers do about everything. Of course, by then what’s done has been done, no taking back all the payoffs.

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briben biden
briben biden
1 year ago

Well when you know you have convicted an innocent man and you know you have encouraged drug usage while living in a community destroyed by drugs and drug violence you probably feel bad about your decision.

Plus think of the advantages of making yourself appear to be a victim!